Who owns the high expensive house in the world…

the 10 most expensive houses in the world.

If you like home and want to go home, you will find a house like this and you will be amazed by the price.Top10 high expensive house…

10.18-19 Kensington Gardens



Under the ownership of the Indian steel tycoon lakshmi mittal, the 19th century 55,000 square feet haveli was originally built as semi – isolated homes. For years after Egypt and Russian embassy embassy accommodations, the house developer David khali has purchased, who annexed the two to the grand palace residence.

9.Palazzo Di Amore…



One of the world’s most expensive homes in California, Beverly hills, is no wonder.Palazzo Di Amore are owned by the successful real estate entrepreneur, Jeff green, and about 53-000 sq. ft.The Mediteranian – style villa consists of 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, numerous swimmers, tennis courts, water-electric and theaters, and 27 car garage. Now, if you’re partying, you’ll want to know that there’s a dance floor and ballroom in the house when you’re ready.Now, if you’re parterning, you might want to know that a home is just a dance floor and ballroom, as often as you want it to be, just as it looks like a holiday, but we can convince you that it’s one of the most expensive homes in the world.

8.Ellison Estate…



Larry Ellison, co – founder of oracle and one of the richest in the world, has $200 million worth of this estate in the world ‘s eight most expensive house.Due to the size of the estate, 23 acres being accurate, the property holds more than one habitat. You will get 10 different properties, one tea house and bathhouse, a man-made lake and any pond.Most of the property designs fall into Japanese effects and are planned after japnese emporers palace. The house was designed by Paul drescool, an architect and zen bodybuilder teacher.You’ll also get a few expensive trees in the entire estate ground, such as cherry blossoms, maples, oak and redwood.

7.Four Fairfield Pond…



You can’t keep a list of the world’s most expensive homes, nor can you be located in a New York City.The 63 acre home is equipped with 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, 91 – foot dining room, basketball court, bowling alley, squash court, tennis court and three swimming pools. The house needs huge amounts of electricity to provide power to the house, fortunately it is located on the site with its own power plant.And those of you who like your cars, there’s a garage in four fairfield ponds that can get stuck somewhere in a hundred cars field!

6.The Odeon Tower Penthouse…



With an estimated value of $350 million, odeon tower pentahouse with the world’s most expensive houses is just up. For such money, you will get a 35,000 sq. ft apartment on top one of Monaco’s most expensive buildings.Travel Odeon was designed by architect, Alexandra Giraldi, and the group mazocao developed it. The screw house is spread over several storeys and has its own lift.If it’s not enough, how about a private water slide at 360 degree view infinity pool. You’re a graduate, and you’ve got cash, it’s a picture when it comes back to the next market, it’s one of the most impressive houses we’ve ever seen.

5.Les Palais Bulles…



The number is coming to five, there is les pallis bulls, a quiet $390 million le palace bulle invented by the “bubble castle” Hungarian architect anti lovag and was built somewhere in the region of 1975-1989.The nickname comes from a series of roundrooms on top of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the high expensive house. The lovags inspiration for the design of property came from man ‘s initial abode; but it has amenities to life with good experiences. For example, it has three swimming pools, many gardens and 500 seat amphitheatre in the hillplains.The bubble palace is owned by Pierre cardin, a French fashion designer born in Italy. The property is primarily used as a holiday home for Pierre. In addition, there is a great place for parties and events, such as when dyer shows his cruise collection on an indoor/outdoor fashion show.

4.Villa Les Cèdres



Our fourth place is the villa Les Cèdres, the saint – jean, cap-ferrat, and France.It’s estimated to be around $450 million, the house is about half a billion worth of money. It was first built in 1904 by Belgium king Leopold II in 1830.It was earlier considered to be the most expensive market house in 2017; but the list has gone beyond the next three qualities. The property is located in about 35 acres of orchards and is named after a number of Cedres trees throughout the country.The house has around 18,000 sq ft and 14 bedrooms, including an Olympic size swimming pool and a large enough stable for 30 horses.

3.Villa Leopolda…



The villa Leopolda is the third most expensive house in the world. The villa is owned by Widow, Lily, Safra, a of lebanese brazillian banker edmund safra.The France is located in the Alps – Maritime department of it coted ‘Azur area and is about 50 acres of land. It has 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, one commercial greenhouse, helipad, outdoor kitchen and one of the best swimming pools you will ever see.The houses are named after its original owner; the Belgium king Leopold II was redesigned by Ogden codeman jr, the American architect in 1920.This house most beautiful and high expensive house.




Antilla mumbai, the second most expensive home in the world, is located in India and costs about $1 billion.It was built by an architecture Firm, Perkins & will, and hospitality design Firm, Hirsh Bender associations, based in Chicago. The property was built to the chairman and managing director mukesh ambani, chairman of reliance industries limited.The 400,000 sq ft building is located in the kamlal hill of mumbai, in the neighbourhood and is based on 27 excellent stories, also designed to counter the Richter scale of an earthquake of magnitude 8 and this house most beautiful and high expensive house. Inside the house, you got six floors which are fully dedicated to car storage, one service station for cars, one temple, one 50 seat movie theatre and nine elevators. It also has a health spa, three helipad, salon, ballroom, yoga studio, ice cream room, and many cinema items.

1.Buckingham Palace…



Coming to number one in this list and claiming the title of world’s most expensive house, the Buckingham Palace is owned by the British royal family and has lots of wealth in the portfolio.It is located in the town of Westminster, London, which consists of 775 rooms, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices and 19 stateroll. It has been the official residence of the monarchy since 1873, checks the palace for about 828,000 sq. ft and only 40 acres of garden according to its size.However, despite its impressive size and title for the world’s most expensive home, it is still not the world’s largest palace. One estimate is that the palace is located for sale; it will be somewhere in the $2.9 billion region, but it’s unlikely that it will never happen.This is a High Expensive House.

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