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It's still blowing my mind to think that we made machinery and technology able to transport us worldwide! It's incredible, but top10 most expensive private jets in the world.

It’s still blowing my mind to think that we made machinery and technology able to transport us worldwide! It’s incredible, but buying a private jet is one way if you want it to go in style. These are the 10 most expensive private jets in the world:

10.Gulfstream III…



Us producers, actors and directors Tyler Perry is now the present owner of gulfstream.Jets have been customised over the past few years and can take up to 14 passengers and the high expensive private jets.

This plane is a most beautiful plane.

It contains 42 inches of hd LCD screen, multiple blue ray players, a satellite TV and a fully operational stage. Besides, there was the Gulf Stream iii jet, which was used to transport Whitney Houston’s body after its passage from California to New Jersey.Most expensive private jets.

9.Boeing 747-81 Vip…



This Boeing 747 is no ordinary 747 so its called and VIP in price tag! and high expensive private jets It is owned by Hong Kong real estate Tycoon joesph Lau, showing all the latest technology and gadgets to make Mr Lau’s journies as comfortable as possible.

Boeing 747-81vip plane is the high expensive and branded jets.

His private jet’s interior consists of beautiful ceiling, spiral stairs and most imposing furniture in the expensive private jets.

8.Boeing 767-33A (ER)…



The list-also has a Roman Abraham ‘s private jet. He couldn’ t complete the fleet of expensive luxury toys without his world ‘s most expensive private jet, so he went out on one.

his prized possession is the customised Boeing 767-33A ER, with the Roman Abramovich private jet valued at a mammoth £66 million. His other two other Boeings - a 767-300

Because of its cockpit paint work the famous Boeing 767-33A (ER) company has been decorated with gold and has been terminated with solid chestnut furniture.Purchase of Abramovich aircraft from boing after colliding with air airlines and re-fitted them as per individual needs.

7.Boeing 787-8 BBJ…



Boeing 787-8bbj is one of the most expensive private planes in the world. The $224 million is standing on the platform. BBJ means “Boeing business jet”, and jet has a room of about 2,400 sq. ft to enjoy.

The jet interior features a main lounge, private bedroom, bathrooms; dining and relaxation areas; along with aft business-class seating and galley.

It can accommodate to 39 guests and is an effective master suite.The suit covers a running wardrobe, double shower and hot marble floor.

6.Boeing 747-430…



The second747 of our list is $233 million dollars, of the sultan of Brunei.Sultan bought a plane of about $100 million dollars and then spent over $100 million to renew the interior.

The original price of the plane was around $100 million and the Sultan has spent in excess of another $100 million on updating its interior which screams luxury with gold details all over the plane.

Private jet company’s interior ground is covered with solid gold, from living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, even the wash bains have a golden touch!

5.Airbus A340-300…



On the list of our most expensive private jets, taking the fifth place, is the largest Russia aircraft.Russian billionaires alishar ashok human owned Airbus A340-300 which was named after his father.

A340-300 carries 295 passengers up to 13,500km. The first A340-300E enhanced version, with an upgraded engine, new liquid crystal (LCD) cockpit displays and a more spacious cabin interior design

The basic cost of the private jet was $238 million; however, with all internal decoration on board, luxury goods and technology, it is estimated that the final cost is somewhere in the 350 to 500 million dollars area.

4.Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ…



The daul – level giant jets take the private flight to the next level. Based on the commercial passenger aircraft of Boeing, the Boeing trade jet is the v – configured variants of existing aircraft line. Each of the Boeing planes currently produced has its own b. b j The type which has the smallest Boeing ranges from 747 to the largest 747.As a younger brother, 787 BBJ, 747-8 intercontinental BBJ will return you to $403 million even before you choose a paintbrush.

This plane is fully customized and interior is the best provide facility.

Inside this animal, you’ll find around 4,800 sq ft rooms, as well as fully equipped offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms that turn into a corporate board room.

3.Airbus A380 Custom…



Airbus a380 custom prince Al – Walid Bin Talal and costs half a billion dollars! Its cost is so high that a simple commercial a380 will set you $400 million back; so when the prince decides to decorate the interior, he pushed the price of $500 million easily.

There’s a larger 14-seat dining and meeting zone for bigger parties, with the seats all boasting extendable footrests, massage facilities and adjustable lumbar support.

It is thought jumbo jet has its own concert hall, Turkish bath, prayer room and garage which adjusts rolls Roy or two!

2.Boeing 747 Re-fit…



This 747 is owned by an anonymous billionaire, and there’s no more information available about how he’s been sentence inside.However, we are aware that it has been critically advanced and reconstructed with the best luxury goods in the world.

The jumbo jet would normally carry as many as 600 passengers.It would contain a large dining room where travellers can enjoy meals cooked in an adjoining kitchen, with a lounge and 'state room' at the back of the plane.

It has many bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges, as well as its own ship-on restaurants. If you like to take a nap, you can choose one of the eight private double bedrooms in the top deck! The most high exensive private plane in the world.

1.Air Force One…



The most expensive private U.S. jets are listed at the top of the Air Force One.Its ownership and operations were owned and operated by the us government and its operations are 4,000 sq ft colossal, covering 100 passengers and 26 crew members by delisting triple in the expensive private jets.

4,000 square feet of floor space throughout three levels. There is an extensive suite for the POTUS that includes a personal office, lavatory, and conference room.

The pace could range from 650 miles per hour and is fully equipped with state – of – the – art technology. It has its own hospital and operated theatre designed to fight meteorites, earthquakes and nuclear warfare.Further, it has the capacity to fuel mid air and is always given the highest priority over any other traffic and the moat expensive private jets.

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