10 of the world’s Most Expensive Shoes…

the beauty and glamour of the world's most expensives shoes!

Today we decided to get inspired by the beauty and glamour of the world’s most spending shoe! For everyone in the shoe closet, we can think of a few millions of shoes from the world, but the earth wonders most of all that two shoes are comfortable wearing your feet, others, most important weapons, and luxury items for each person in their wardrobe.The most expensive shoes.

10.Platinum Guild Stilettos…

Stuart weitzman founded the Stuart weitzman shoe the most expensive shoes company.

Prize: $1.09 million.

What would you be willing to pay for the most glorious stiletto heels in the world? We were amazed at the price tags attached platinum guild stickers. The first question we sold for $1.09 million was repeatedly. Does that make the shoes so valuable. Bat would have had only a few ideas of an experienced collector, but we had to do our research on finding the qualities that brought these priceless scent to worthy of a fortune. We take a closer look as to what we learned on the Stuart weitzman platinum guild stilettos.Stuart weitzman founded the Stuart weitzman shoe the most expensive shoes company, an American entrepreneur and shoe designer who is known worldwide for their favourite character.

9.Ruby Stilettos…

Stuart weitzman made a pair of shoes that played wonders of $1.6 million in London 's hards.

Prize: $1.6 million.

Stuart weitzman made a pair of shoes that played wonders of $1.6 million in London ‘s hards. The sale was done in 2003, after a glimpse of thein fabulous shoes, it is obvious that they are of high quality and design unique. They have the most expensive kind of shoes. But how can one increase the value of these highly accumulated bones to such a fate? In order to understand the merits of spending such money on shoes, the confidence of the people in their creations, the confidence of the people in their creations and elements that make such special editions in such luxurious footwear need to be understood. We look for almost $1.6 million of shoes for the collectors and rare luxury footwear enthusiasts.Stuart weitzman has a habit of giving the most expensive shoes in the fashion scene in the world.

8.Jason Abrasheben Custom…

Jason Abrasheben custom the most expensive shoes in the world.

Prize: $2 million.

Shoes are to protect our feet from elements, though, when shoes cost over millions of people, it’s hard to imagine that they are more than just inside a box in a safety deposit box.You can identify eight of the most expensive shoes on the FNN list. These diamond – covered bhutanis met with the Nick cannon to the end of the 2014 season “the American talent. Smoking slippers were designed as customs, which were commissioned by Jason from the bewarli hills, to a TV host – based jewelers – simply an jewellers. With over 14,000 cut – round diamonds on the shoe, this pair carries 340 carat weight. Diamonds were put into white gold on a Tom ford sole. It was said that it took 2,000 hours of labor to complete the shoes.

7.Tanzanite Heels…

Stuart weitzman is a famous for under fit designer shoe tanzanite heels.

Prize: $2 million.

Stuart weitzman is famous for under-fit designer shoe and the most expensive shoes. So for a tie in December born stone we present Tanzanite high – heels in weitzman, a pair of evening lassie blue purple linen has the 185 carats and 28 carats of diamonds.All people were first sighted after Tanzanite heels in the New York public library in January 2007.Tanzanite heels is one of the latest official birth sites. 2002 was included in the official birth list of Tanzanite jewellery industry, turquoise and ziracon was included in December. The list was revised for the first time since 1912.

6.Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers…


Prize: $2 million.

Every serious shoe fan, knows big names, Blahnik, Harry Winston, Jimmy choo and certainly, Stuart weitzman’s Cinderella slippers, little girls dream of being a princess, have little chance to be a real princess for a king less than a dozen in the world at this time. Even if he needs bodyguards at night.These sparkly shoes were made of Italian leather, inspired by princess Cinderella, the peasant. The strips of ankle and toe were sculptured in a complex laser – shaped design made of 565 kwiat diamonds in the platinum zone. The right shoe has a rare, 5 carat amarto diamond, worth more than a million dollars — and only a colored piece in shoes.

5.Stuart Weitzman Rita Heyworth Heels…


Prize: $3 million.

If you’re following a collection of footwear, or you’re a lover of fabulous shoes, it’s no surprise that Stuart weitzman rita heyworth heels is worth the luck.A good fortune of three million dollars, right. This unique stilettos makes almost the most expensive shoes on earth they have remained in place in fallen shoes for a long time and are still the top of our hearts. What makes rita haloft heels so insulting? Stuart weitzman is known for his creative and exquisite use of colours, while he ‘s worth is pale and grown-up.They are made of an incredibly burnt sienna or rusty – brown satin. This uneven color choice, inspired by cathylene clad gowns or Rita heyworth. either way, makes it sure to a stunning and unique heel.

4.Harry Winston Ruby Slippers…


Prize: $3 million.

Harry Winston is one of the world’s most famous jewels designers. His son Ronald Winston reminded him that 1989 was the 50th anniversary of a classic “wizard of oz.” The idea of making harry Winston ruby slippers was that of Ronald.In the event of the function, Winston produced a new repetition of the original couplams that were worn during the filming of the film; there were a few distinct differences between the two. These differences counted some of the grand and glorious ways of harry Winston edition.

3.Shoes Thrown At President George W Bush…


Prize: $10 million.

Practice – throwing shoes are part of the unethical period in human history: it’s a sign to hate a person who is influenced by shoes. it’s not a good practice, and a person who works it shows how low his values are because he should never be angry with violence. Recent boots are flying over many Pakistani politicians. Every major political leader in Pakistan has been attacked recently.On december 14, 2008 an Iraqi journalist by the name of Muntadhar al- Zaidi threw the pair of shoes that he was wearing at the then president, of the United states, George W Bush. The shoes were eventually bought for $10 Million. The shoemaker also received a massive order of nearly 300,000 pair of similar shoes in a week.

2.Debbie Wingham Heels…


Prize: $15.1 million.

She was designing things because she was 13. When this beautiful mother of the three is engaged in the fashion, she has daal in the cake. So, when you look at her 15 million dollar heels and think they look like a sweet dessert, you’re right. Increasing interest in her design and redefining it’s luxury methods.Debbie wingham, who has made sweet-candy shoes, is probably the best known for her red Abaya costume. This abusive, and you can shake a platinum stick with more diamonds $17 million dress simple lines and details of flowers.

1.Jada Dubai And Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond Shoes…


Prize: $23.6 million.

Jada dubai’s new “passion diamond shoes “- the brilliant stiletto made of real gold and decorated with two round 15 carat DE flawless diamonds last week sold for $17 million and is said to be one of the most expensive shoes in the world. Burj al Arab a billion in dubai, the world’s only seven star hotels are performing fabulous.Each shoe is cut from 118 small round diamonds and the pointy thumb has panels of gigantic crown jewels. Everything about “passion diamond shoes” is just the luxury exudes even gold on insoles.It took about nine months to build up record-fashioned dubai shoes coupled with dubai – based jewellers…

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