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10 Of The Richest Wrestler highest paid In The World…

WWE, a publicly traded company is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment.We will know today how much paids is the top 10 wwe stars.Who are the highest paidwrestlers and we may know about your top 10 wrestler and the richest wrestlers.

1.Brock Lesner…$12 Million per year.


Broke lesner’s full name is Brock Edward Lesnar.He is a popular American wrestler and American football player from webstar. He joined the WWE in 2000 and they had also made records. Broke lesnar became second fastest wrestler at the age of 25.He put his career on hold in 2004, where he decided to pursue his career in the National Football League. 2006, Lesnar announced his desire to join the K-1’s mixed martial arts league after which he trained with the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy.He is the beast. Brock Lesner is the richest wrestlers.

2.John Cena…$8.5 Million per year.


John Felix Anthony Cena is an American actor, hip-hop musician and professional wrestler.John cena is 13 time wwe champion, and 5 time united state championship. Apart from John cena wrestler, it is also the rapper and actor. John cena was able to play sports since childhood.His favored game is football. John cena 1999 May be the ultimate pro wrestling trained and his upw heavyweight champion in april 2000. John cena’s net worth is $55 million is the richest wrestlers.

3.Roman Reigns…$5 Million per year.


The Roman reigns is the celebrity who knows the whole world. The Roman reignsns whose full name is Leati joseph anoa.Before the arrival of roman reigns, he was a footballer. Roman Reigns joined 2010 in wwe. The big wrestlers come to the Roman reigns in wwe and seeing that they won many titles.The Roman reigns won 3 times the world heavy weight championship, one time united states champion, one time tag team champion. One time inter continental champion and one time universal championship won.The Roman reigns are such a person who has never looked back.If their talk is net worth.Their net worth is $12million is the richest wrestlers.

4.Randy Ortan…$4.5Million per year.


Randy ortan whose full name is Randal keith ortan.His birth was in 1 April 1980.Randy ortan is known to him as the viper.Randy’s passion to wrestling from childhood to his father, grandfather also wrestler stayed here.But his father did not want the wrestler, therefore, the randy ortan completed his graduation and joined the marine but in 2001 he got contracts with wweAs soon as randy came to ortan wwe, he started losing the big wrestler and started making his name and see, they started seeing as many titles as 4time world heavy weight, 9time wwe champion ship, 1time intercontinental, 1time united states and 2 time tag team champion.If you talk about their net worth is $11million is the richest wrestlers.

5. AJ Styles…$3.5Million per year.


AJ STYLES who made my name in the world of wrestler if you talk about AJ STYLES then their full name is Allen Neal Jones. Aj styles was a very poor but his childhood was the old wrestling.How much did he sacrifice to make his career.Aj styles defeat the big wrestler in wwe. He faced a lot of trouble at the beginning of the journey but Aj styles never give up.Before he came on the WWE scene in 2016. AJ styles won the titles like NWA World Heavyweight Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, WWE US Championship and many more titles. Aj styles net worth is $8Million.

6.Seth Rollins…$3 Million per year.


Seth Rollins the famous wrestler in wwe. Seth rollin who can do anything to get his title.This is the wrestler who has defeated the big wrestler.Seth rollin improved his career carefully.He lighted a match before coming to wwe.Seth rollin may start working in all the small wrestling promotion.He made his name by defeating the wrestler like the Triple H, John cena, the Roman reigns wrestler.Rollins has won several titles in the WWE.WWE Tag Team Championship ,Universal Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and wwe championship. Seth rollins’s net worth is $10Million.

7.The Miz…$2.5 Million per year.


The Miz who is a man and a smart wrestler.Who is skilled about his work. The Miz came to wwe in 2005 and when he came, he showed his good. The Miz was a childhood since childhood and he got the job in the television show in the young age. He lost many wrestler from whom his name became wwe and seeing them go to television shows and they started acting.He played like a basket ball and a base ball. The adept Wrestler who has won the United States Championship, WWE World Championship, If you talk about the net worth, then their net worth is $9million.

8.Undertaker…$2.5 Million per year.


The wrestling world’s wrestler is also afraid of making big wrestlers The Undertaker in front of which no wrestler can win Undertaker is called by many names in the world of wrestling his is legend wrestler.Wrestlemania may have a record of consecutive 21 matches he wants the most in the people Undertaker is such a wrestler who has not been defeated for 22 months. Undertaker won 4 times wwe championship, 3 time world heavyweight championship, also won the 2007 Royal Rumble champion.If you talk about net worth is $17million.

9.Kewin Owens…$2 Million per year.


A rising wrestler whose name is kewin owens. Kewin owens was fond of playing baseball, baseball from childhood but he made his career wrestling. Kewin owens had started training the wrestling from the age of 14. Owens was signed by WWE in 2014. These were connected to many wrestling companies and they have also lost many giant faller wrestler And they won many titles of their name like… Wwe championship, 1 time nxt championship, 1time universal champion, 3time united states champion, 2time intercontinental championship won… If you talk about net worth is $15 million. The richest wrestlers.

10.Dolph Ziggler…$1.5 Million per year.


Dolphin ziggler who was too talented since childhood looking at the age of 12 years, the wrestler came calling him a wrestler.Dolh ziggler stayed in wwe by dropping his law studies.He’s the big giant wrestler.Apart from the dolph ziggler wrestler, it is also a standup comedian besides.He has won many titles too. He has also left 2 times the world heavy weight champion, 2 times in the United States, 6 times intercontinental champion and 1 tag team champion.If you talk about net worth is $5million. The highest paid wrestler.

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