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Travel to cities world.It is also the most expensive city in the world (and the most expensive city in the world for expats). It is also the most beautiful city in the world, and the world’s most friendly cities. Now, economists are the best destinations for intelligence unit in the world, of which 140 are: stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.


lindon is the best city

The city has long been magnet for smart talent. London’s place for quality of its universities in the world is #2 & #11. September 2019, the ranking of higher education world universities registered a list of four London universities on top of 40 cities in the world. Where programming is also done more than #1 times, this year includes restaurants, nightlife and shopping. London has set up a night time commission and appointed a night Czar. London’s main scenes may be thousands of years old, but capital shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants appear on an almost weekly basis.London is travel to cities world.

2.New York City


A visitor has to see and who can resist watching? “Raising Manhattan to new heights is crucial. Hudson has the magnitude of the tower, but many Manhattan neighbours have permanent air space Of Jacob The javits centre conference complex is now expanding to $15 million sq. ft, 1.5 billion, reaching the facility to 3.3 million square feet. In the process, your ranking position in the 56th standard space will increase by providing newer Spaces than is needed. The distribution in 2021 is expected but New York is rarely all work and no play.

The city is #5 in the world for museums, and from frick to home museum, a magnificent array, but it will have two eyes in 2020, and the visitation will be 150 years old and the modern art museum reveals that the world sees the rejuvenation and rejuvenation of modern ideas.As New York’s performance art is equally loved by visitors and locals both on the broad and off, it is not surprising that the large apple took the number one position in this ranking.Travel to cities world.



Notre Dame fire was a devastating monument to how good the passengers are around the world, and as a capital of 2024 Olympics it’s just getting better.Architect Bjarke Ingels will uncover the development of north agriculture zone of triangle with these songs largely use Europa city. In 2020, complete renewal of the les Atlierss Gaite shopping mall near the montparnarrs tower will open for trade with over 100 shops and a 25- restaurant hall at three floors.Travel to cities world.



Despite earthquakes, tsunamies and storms, Japan continues to live and Tokyo is enchanting the global visitors with its constant pace of dynamism, innovation and efficiency. It stands at #6 and #16 points in the neighborhood and roads. Indeed, parks need a mandated medical treatment for infrastructure and citizens in their area of operation. For example, go to the miji jingu temple, situated in the dense forests of the city and celebrate its centenary year in 2020. And then in teamlabe mori building, there is a new kind of digital art museum, without borders, where visitors roam and explore, drown them in a mapped, three-dimensional world.

Whether you go to the new location in the tsukiji fish market or wait on the line for a life – changing destination, it’s an important place to plan a whole trip (it’s at two rank for your restaurant), and don’t worry if you go for a lot of budget budget. There are a lot of cheap hotels to book in Tokyo.



The Russian capital is well known for its iconic charm like the red colored st Basil’s cathedral. But did you know that it’s also one of the best cities to fly in and out of the world? Besides taking top position to link airport in ranking of resonance, recently named Sheremayevo international, Cirium’s annual performance review in.

The first timers and control falls in Moscow when they stepped into this endlessly fascinating and dynamic metropolis with the rise in political intrigue, there has been growing excitement about Russia, and this is why Moscow ‘s top hashtag city on instagram was.



You can connect dubai with its record setting skyscrascraps-and this reputation is well earned. In 2020, Santiago kalatrava’s tower is Dubai Creek, which will be flying out of the burj as the world’s tallest building on earth. However, you will not have to spend your entire journey inside the house. There is even a new nature – driven shopping mall with a rooftop park and 200,000 sq. ft. open air parks to explore.

Dubai is where you can ride the elevator to the top of the world’s highest building, to see a bird sight, bet the world’s richest horse racing horse, and pick up pictures in front of the world’s highest choreographed fountain.

The most visited mall on the planet is also here, and helps land dubai at #30 in our shopping range. Packed with the new, botanical touch for 2019, the world’s first “nature driven” shopping mall, which is the Cityland mall.



It is only in Singapore that the airport becomes a centre of attraction, where millions of passangers travel over the year, and they attract local people from designer shops, parks, pet food and certain places. Opened in April and built by Safdei architects, a 17billion new jewel, a changi airport, a canopy bridge and a glass shutter shutter and 75 feet hanging in the air. But the real showstopper is a seven-storeyed raindrops, the home – stormed waterfall (the highest in the world) falling below a central oculus on a roof.

Although Singapore land at #42 for airport contact, if we make such things, it will be a medal for single experience in its gateway. To its famous hawkers, stall street food, garden airport terminal, and newly renewed raffle Singapore hotel that has been welcoming passengers since 1887, Singapore has earned top spot in our eyes.

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